Sign2Sing World Record Attempt 2012

Date // Wednesday 8th February 2012 - 2:45pm
Venue // Your school

Sign2Sing World Record Attempt 2012

The Sign2Sing 2011 World Record attempt was a great success with schools from both Jersey and Guernsey getting involved. Watch the great clip above from Puffin's Pla(i)ce for a great report on the day's activities.


Event details

On Wednesday 8th February 130,000 children and adults from across the country, including Jersey, took part in breaking the Sign2Sing world record.

The aim was to get as many children signing simultaneously across the UK. At the Stoke Mandeville Stadium a momentous 2000 children took part. Here is a video of the action

In Jersey, La Moye, St. Clements and Bel Royal schools all got involved in the breaking the world record and this is a video of how the kids at St. Clements got on with the signing challenge:

Registration is now open for 2013 as Sign2Sing hope to smash the record again by getting even more schools to take part. If you would like to register to take part in breaking a world record then please do so here:

We’ll make you all aware of next years songs in plenty of time so you can get practising your signing!

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