Deaf Club

News // Thursday 24 Jan 2013

Deaf Club meets the first Wed of each month at Café Jac, Arts Centre. 5 Nov, 3 Dec // more

Deaf zone

News // Monday 11 Jun 2012

Deaf zone is a new area of the ChildLine website for Deaf young people. // more

Deaf Friendly Football

Events , News // Friday 8 Jun 2012

NDCS started the project in 2007, supported by financial backing from the Football Foundation, The FA, Phonak UK Ltd and Sportsmatch. The UK based project is designed to give all deaf children and young people the chance to play football in a safe, supportive and fun environment, either in mainstream football clubs or deaf football clubs. // more

NDCS Launch New Campaign

News // Thursday 7 Jun 2012

Look, Smile, Chat is the new campaign by the NDCS aimed at improving the understanding of deafness among teenagers and helping deaf and hearing teenagers to communicate with each other. // more

Hey Oscar imagine...winning an iPad2

Inspiration , News // Tuesday 1 Nov 2011

Our "Sign-your-name" competition is sadly now closed. We had a striking collection of entertaining entries - from colourful fancy dress, interesting head wear and a full blown mini-movie with its own soundtrack, all of which are still available to view on our facebook page. Based on receiving the most likes and entertaining the committee, Earsay have awarded the iPad2 to Oscar Le Seelleur for his awe-inspiring mini-movie that received...wait for it...a massive 147 likes. // more

Hey Oscar imagine...winning an iPad2

Biophilia challenges the way we think about music

Inspiration , News // Tuesday 11 Oct 2011

Biophilia is an extraordinary and innovative multimedia exploration of music, nature and technology by the musician Björk. All of the album’s songs are available inside Biophilia as interactive experiences: Crystalline, Virus, Moon, Thunderbolt, Sacrifice, Mutual Core, Hollow, Solstice, and Dark Matter. Biophilia opens into a three-dimensional galaxy with a compass allowing navigation between the 3-dimensional universe and a two-dimensional track list. Take a closer look by tapping on stars within the constellations and you’ll see that each is an in-app purchase that gives access to the inspired combination of artifacts for each new Björk song: interactive art and games, abstract animations, lyrics, and essays that explore Björk’s inspirations for the track. These artifacts bring together conventional and alternative ways of representing and making music to create an environment for entertainment and learning. Biophilia challenges the way we think about and feel music. Here, for the first time, is a music album that exploits the multimedia capabilities of mobile interactive technologies allowing users to feel the rumble and vibrations of the music through their hand held device. // more

Biophilia challenges the way we think about music

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