The Pat Bougeard Achievement Award 2018 winner

Inspiration , News // Monday 15 Feb 2016

Earsay created 'The Pat Bougeard Achievement Award' in 2012, to be presented annually to the dDeaf child or young person who has achieved something fantastic during the year.

The 2018 winner was Brooke Jarrett (18), nominated by Rupi Dhami, Teacher of the Deaf at Le Rocquier School. Ms Dhami was extremely impressed with Brooke’s strength of character in overcoming many academic and personal hurdles to gain her GCSE’s at school. Brooke achieved a Grade 4 pass in her English Language GCSE, despite her delayed starting point, which required many hours of hard work and additional study. From diagnosis to receiving her cochlear implant, through rehabilitation and transition into mainstream schooling, Brooke’s language development journey has been a very challenging one, so her GCSE pass was extremely well earned.

Brooke also achieved a Grade 9 in GCSE photography, which is outstanding, and became a positive role model to other deaf students at school, as well as to her hearing peers. She is now studying childcare at Highlands. Brooke has played netball for her schools and now plays for St Clements Netball team competing each week. She also dances in a local dance school and is part of a Jersey Dance squad who competed in the local Eisteddfod, as well as the UK & Switzerland in 2018, with more competitions lined up for 2019.

Brooke always shows a ‘can do’ attitude that a deaf person has the potential to achieve their goals through hard work and determination, and Earsay are extremely proud to award Brooke the Pat Bougeard Achievement Award 2018.

Nominations for Earsay’s 2019 Award can be made later in the year, by anyone – teacher/parent/club leader etc , please see here (and facebook) for full details of how to make a nomination around September.

The Pat Bougeard Achievement Award was set up in the name of Pat Bougeard, Earsay’s only deaf committee member, who in 2012 was licensed as a lay reader with the Diocese of Winchester. She was the first deaf person to achieve this distinction, which requires three years of intensive study, and provides many challenges along the way. She is also a fantastic role model for our deaf children, always ready to volunteer her time to help others. To mark her phenomenal accomplishment, and to be a great legacy from our 40th year celebrations in 2012, the Award was born.

The Pat Bougeard Achievement Award 2018 winner

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