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News // Monday 28 Sep 2009

I thought I would write a few lines to up date you on my training. I am very excited to tell you all that I have been accepted onto the Reader’s training with the Church of England, specifically for Deaf Church. I was invited to Old Alresford in Winchester in the spring, for a day of interviews and presentations. I thought it would be very scary, as I did not know what was going to happen, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be, and I loved being able to “turn off” my voice, and be my true self and use British Sign language all day. This certainly helped me to to get my point of view across, at the three interviews I had, which was with a Hearing Reader and with a Deaf person in the Deaf Church. I had Rev Robert Sanday who Signed for me all day, and was a tremendous support, as it was very tiring, and I had to be on the ball all day, I have to say I was exhausted when it was finished! It was a brilliant experience; I met up with another candidate who was also being interviewed by the same people as me, but not the deaf people of course! I was the first deaf person, to be invited to see if I would be suitable for further training. It was also the first time the “hearing” Vicars and Readers there had come across a Deaf person before, and especially one who signed! It was an experience for all, and we all learned such a lot throughout the day.

I was given a passage to “read”, which I did in British Sign Language, which Robert Voiced over for me, and then I re told the Bible story of Palm Sunday, and then Gave a short presentation, which was thought provoking and I had very encouraging conversations afterwards with everyone there who stayed on to watch me sign.

I am very soon starting the 3 year course, so I would appreciate your prayers and thank you to everyone who has and continues to support and encourage me/ I will of course be continuing to support Deaf people here in Jersey and provide Signed services, at various churches, and of course at Georgetown and St Brelade too! On Remembrance day a few of us from Georgetown will go to St Brelade as we have been invited to sign “Amazing Grace” in the service, every year I sign and translate the service alongside Rev Sanday who is the chaplain for the deaf and comes over from Winchester. The “Georgetown Christian Signing Group” is going fantastic and I am so proud of everyone who puts in so much time, and is enthuastic every week and if anyone else would like to come along and see what we do, please come! We have so much fun too learning new hymns and songs. Please contact myself or Georgetown Church for more information, and come along.

I am very keen to set up a group to look at “Deaf Worship” so if you would like to be involved, please come and talk to me!.

On a last note, I had a lovely surprise to find I have been nominated to receive the “Deaf Anglicans Together” book award for this year, which goes to a Deaf person every year in memory of one of the members of the organisation. I was so surprised when I receiver the letter, as living here in Jersey and as I have not been in the DAT organisation for very long I couldn’t believe that someone knew about me and nominated me! WOW. I am very pleased and I have brought quite a few books ready for my course! I will be in the Deaf Christian magazine called “Go Sign” at the end of the year with a write up so I will bring one in for everyone to read it.

A very big thank you to you all for encouraging and supporting me in my Deaf ministry.

With Love and Blessings from Pat Bougeard. J

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