Hey Oscar imagine...winning an iPad2

Inspiration , News // Tuesday 1 Nov 2011

Our "Sign-your-name" competition is sadly now closed. We had a striking collection of entertaining entries - from colourful fancy dress, interesting head wear and a full blown mini-movie with its own soundtrack, all of which are still available to view on our facebook page

Based on receiving the most likes and entertaining the committee, Earsay have awarded the iPad2 to Oscar Le Seelleur for his awe-inspiring mini-movie that received...wait for it...a massive 147 likes. We know, we can't believe it either...Oscar's popularity is huge and we think it's safe to say that his future will be in entertainment, or going from his video it could be in football, the RAF, swimming, cricket or fancy dress! We do however hope he continues to use his British Sign Language skills and further add to his repertoire.

Earsay invited Oscar to the IQ Apple Store, St Helier, where owner Tim Evans presented the donated iPad2.

Tim said of the kind donation: "We're pleased to be supporting Earsay in their initiative to increase communication awareness in the community through their sign language competition as this fits in well with our work with education and increasing the use of iPads also for this very reason"

Oscar commented on his win: "I'm so pleased that my video won as it took a few days to complete with the help of the whole family. The actual sign language was the easy bit! However I'm not going to keep the iPad, I'm going to donate it to an orphanage in Guatemala where our family sponsor a child and we'll be able to skype them - my dad's friend is going to take the iPad to them in January when he goes to climb 3 volcanos" 

We have to remember that there wouldn't have been a competition without the other entries: Lani Tappenden, Ethan Northern , Emily Blease, MJ Blampiedand Ayisha Ashworth and thank them all for their amazing entries.

If you would like to follow in Oscar's footstep and learn how to sign your name then navigate to the Sign Zone at www.earsay.je.

Oscar Le Seelleur 147 likes
Lani Tappenden 46 likes
Ethan Northern  22 likes
Emily Blease 41 likes
MJ Blampied 17 likes
Ayisha Ashworth 6 likes

Hey Oscar imagine...winning an iPad2

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