Earsay win the 2011 Le Tournoi Sailing Challenge

Inspiration // Monday 3 Oct 2011

Last weekend; 24 – 28th September 2011 saw an *Earsay crew of eight (from an available team of 10) sail a Beneteau 40.7s yacht in both the European EUROSAF Championship and the Le Tournoi Five Day Sailing Challenge organised by the amazing team at Britannia Corporate Events.

The course took the eight participating Beneteau 40.7 yachts through five races:

Race 1 - The Solent
Race 2 - The Solent to Guernsey OVERNIGHT! 
Race 3 - Around Herm and Sark
Race 4 - Guernsey to Jersey
Race 5 - Jersey Bay Race

After securing the runners up position in the European EUROSAF Championship in Guernsey, Earsay went on to win the final three races to secure the Overall Winner’s position in the Le Tournoi Sailing Challenge.

The Earsay crew was split between both novice (6) and experienced sailors (2) along with a split of hearing (6) and hearing impaired (2) individuals.

*Earsay 2011 Crew:
Mark Burby – Earsay Chairman
Simon Lupton – Jersey Society for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults
Robert Le Masurier - Jersey Society for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults
Andy Le Seelleur – Le Tournoi Chairman
Nicky Evans – BSL Interpreter
Jody Whitiingham – Side-on Brand Communicators as Earsay Brand Manager
Josh Burby – Victoria College Student Volunteer and Earsay friend
Mark Bartlett – Victoria College Student Volunteer and Earsay friend
Sarah Corbel – Volunteer and Earsay friend
Elaine Le Claire – Volunteer and Earsay friend

Le Tournoi Charity Sports is in its 11th year and continues to passionately support Earsay along with other charities and associations.

Mark Burby, Earsay Chairman comments; “The support that Le Tournoi are able to provide, through their corporate sporting events, is gratefully received and in particular the awareness that the Sailing Challenge has presented us with is astounding – we can’t thank them enough for their hard work and generous donation of the use of the boat. The fact that a part hearing and part hearing-impaired crew have won the event and come runners up in the Eurpoean Championship really cements Earsay’s mantra that every person, irrespective of hearing ability, can take part in every available opportunity given the right support and awareness of the community."

Only the day before the first race Le Tournoi announced the boat and skipper allocation which partnered the Earsay crew with skippers’ Charlie Williams and Julian Pearson, and their yacht: Rocket Dog.

Simon Lupton, one of the hearing impaired crew members said of the skippers “The team work amongst all of the crew and skippers was perfect in everyway, the skippers: unlike those on my previous sailing experiences, focused on my sailing ability and not my hearing impairment which made the trip thoroughly enjoyable – I would sail with Charlie and Julian again and thank them for their professionalism and humor”

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Earsay win the 2011 Le Tournoi Sailing Challenge

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