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News // Sunday 12 Jun 2011

There are tons of mobile apps for the deaf and HoH out there. We've selected 5 great ones that are available for the iPhone. Check them out and let us know what you think by leaving your reviews in the comments box. Tell us about other great apps that you use too! 



Subtitles allows easy access to a huge library of movie subtitles in 20 languages. Subtitles is especially useful for the hard of hearing and people who would like access to subtitles in their native language when visiting the cinema. You’ll be able to access the subtitles of the very latest cinema releases, as well as those for older movies.



***** the DeafBlog: Top five iPhone apps -- Jan 2011 "the top five iPhone apps which can help transform the lives of people with hearing difficulties." *****

Some one yelling for your attention, car honking - TapTap will let you know! Loud noises trigger TapTap to notify you with vibration and a flashing screen.

TapTap is the only app in the appStore designed specifically to help Deaf and HoH bridge the gap to the audio world.

If you find yourself in a noisy store and TapTap is going crazy just lower the sensitivity and TapTap will only respond to very loud noises.

Alone at night in your quiet home? Turn TapTap's sensitivity all the way up and it will respond to the slightest sounds: a distant gentle knock, a door closing, a baby fussing nearby.

"Tap Tap is an ingenious app that allows deaf users to react to their audio environment. ..." --- Louise Baker from Zen College Life


British Sign Language fingerspelling for iPhone and iPod touch.

Designed with BSL students in mind, GotMyBSL is a great first step in learning this vibrant language - and an App Store first!

The app displays the whole alphabet A-Z as a scrollable list allowing any letter to be viewed in sequence with just a flick - a complete BSL chart in your pocket.

Each letter (along with easily identifiable vowel signs) is shown along with the sign for that letter - simply tap the letter in the list to reveal a bigger version.

Tap the 'Play All' button view the bigger version of the letters, in sequence from A to Z.


Read My Lips! 

The #1 lip reading game on the iPhone just got better!

**New Updates**

Stuck on a phrase? Well no more. Read My Lips! now allows players to PASS on levels and come back to them later. Getting stuck is now a thing of the past!

Read My Lips! will find out just how linguistically savvy you are. 30 preloaded phrases will challenge you to see how well your eyes can be your ears. Start at level one with simple words, and build your skills through progressively more challenging phrases. Get ready to become fluent in the language of lips. Think you can be a lip reader?

**Game Features**

• 30 unique levels and phrases
• Multiple player sign in
• Track your progress and compare it to your friends
• Multiple hints available for each phrase
• Helps build lip reading skills
• Beautiful music and sound effects
• Custom graphics suitable for all ages

Baby Signing - 100 1st Signs

For all those who want to encourage their children's communication and language development, we have selected over 100 first signs including the main regional versions, for young children from babyhood onwards.

The use of British Sign language (BSL) with very young children is an area of growing interest for its potential benefits to a whole range of children including;

- pre-verbal hearing babies
- deaf children
- children who are autistic or dyslexia
- with additional communication and language needs
- with learning disability

Signing adds visual and kinaesthetic dimensions - alternative channels that can potentially help all children to internalise language and take pleasure in its use.

Learning the basics of a new language offers all children an added life skill that can not only improve their own language and communication skills but that can give them awareness of difference and confidence to meet the communication needs of others.

Classes for families have sprung up across the country and provide an excellent opportunity for contacts and group learning and we hope that this application will further support this.

'Baby Signing - 100 1st Signs' includes :

- Over 100 First Signs, for early years
- Each Sign is supported by Image and Descriptive instructions
- Signs also useful for everyday use
- Hi-Resolution Images for iPhone4
Full Image (Portrait)
Dual Image and Description (Portrait)
Dual Image and Description (Landscape)

Enjoy the iPhone/iPod unique smooth animation as you tap to switch between Full Image and Dual Image and Description portrait views.

The applications in this series can be built into a collection, but they must each be able to function as stand-alone items – therefore some of the 'core' vocabulary may appear across several different applications as required.

Enjoy learning sign language with Let's Sign



5 great iPhone apps

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