Jersey's Audiology Department 

The Audiology Department (01534 442551) provides comprehensive hearing and balance services including the fitting of hearing aids and aftercare.

Paediatric Audiology Services - What audiology services are provided for children?

The Audiology Department and ENT are located on the second floor of Outpatient’s at The General Hospital, if you are concerned about your child's hearing your GP can make a referral to the ENT Consultant.  For younger children it is possible however for your Health Visitor, Speech and Language Therapist or School Nurse to refer directly to the Audiology Department.

The ages of children seen range from newborn to school-leaving age. Audiology can care for children with multiple disabilities, those who are difficult to assess for any reason and for children who are at increased risk of permanent hearing loss.

If hearing loss is identified, what can be done?

When a hearing loss is identified in a child, appropriate audiological support is provided. This might involve simply monitoring the situation or might involve the fitting of hearing aids.

When are hearing aids necessary?

We consider that it is most appropriate to fit a hearing aid for a child when a significant and permanent hearing loss is present.

The selection of a particular aid is based upon the hearing needs of the child. Fine-tuning of the aid can be made as needed. Both the child's hearing levels and the effectiveness of the hearing aid are reviewed regularly.

For all children, close contact is maintained with medical and education services, and advice and feedback is taken from all support from all these groups, so Audiology can ensure that care can be individualised for a child.

Meet the Audiology team

Jenny Wilkinson
Chief Audiologist
Jane Hallam
Principal Audiologist
Janet Rothwell
Senior Clinical Audiologist
Ciara Jones
Claire Job
 Senior Audiologist
Teresa Cotrel
Assistant Audiological
Sarah Snarey
Assistant Audiological
Eric Payn
Paediatric Audiologist
Marie Telford
 Newborn Hearing
Imogen Thomas
Newborn Hearing
Rachel Barnett
Student Audiologist
Chrissie Kean
Audiology Receptionist
/ Clerical Assistant










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